2022 Old Cars Digital Issue No. 19 October 1

2022 Old Cars Digital Issue No. 19 October 1

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Old Cars is your authority on all things collector car related. Inside the pages you will see in-depth features on all the old car classics you love from brass-era all the way through the cars of 1990s. Plus, keep up to date with auction results and hobby news and more. In this issue…

- Forgotten Wagon-Auto: Homemade vehicle wowed 1907 fair-goers

- Hershey After Dark: The fun doesn’t end after 5 p.m.

- 10 Questions With Steve Posner: Putnam Leasing boss

- A Woodie via Hershey: 1946 Ford found during Hershey to finally return to Hershey

- Dodge Thrills ‘Em: Stunts wow World’s Fair

- Tom Maruskas’s Restored XM-Turnpike Cruiser Concept Car: Fabled concept car is now complete

- Checkered Future: 1948 Chrysler has a Permanent place int the family